New Asbestos Laws.
Do you comply?

The New Asbestos Code requires that you have a complete Asbestos Register & Management Plan.


Does your current asbestos report comply?

9 out of 10 reports do not Comply as surveyed by The National Asbestos Register. Asbestos Audit Pty Ltd will supply you with all the required reports to protect yourself and your workers. Read more.

Australia’s Premier Asbestos Management & Register Company

Asbestos Audit Pty Ltd is dedicated to leading the way with professional services throughout Australia including:

  • Asbestos Management Plans (AMP)
  • Annual Commercial Inspections
  • Asbestos Materials Registers
  • Sample Analysis for Asbestos Fibre Detections
  • Operating your Hazard



Regional & Remote Australia Specialists

Asbestos will be the biggest killer of the Australian Workforce by 2020. Asbestos Audit Pty Ltd provides you with your FULL & COMPLETE Asbestos Solutions. Read more


What properties require an asbestos audit

All commercial buildings (workplaces) including residential (prior to any construction work) that are built pre 31st December 2003. Read more