Asbestos Air Monitoring Services

GAA now monitors for human exposure for the “New Asbestos” – Crystalline Silica

Global Asbestos Audits performs all types of asbestos air monitoring including:

  1. Background/Ambient – Where concerns exist that asbestos fibres are present within an area.
  2. Personal – To assess individual exposure during maintenance or other works processes.
  3. Control – During asbestos removals or maintenance works, to establish the efficacy of control measures.
  4. Clearance – To determine what areas are safe for reoccupation following asbestos removal or maintenance works.


  • Survey to establish the presence of asbestos in the building fabric or lagging composition applied to plant work and/or plant items.
  • Advice on preparation of full specification of working methods to be adopted by asbestos removal contractors
  • Measurement or airborne asbestos fibres using the membrane filter method in occupied industrial or domestic premises (Reassurance testing)
  • Measurement of airborne fibres outside sealed polythene enclosures formed to contain asbestos removal work (Leak testing)
  • Measurement of airborne asbestos fibres inside enclosures on completion of asbestos removal to ensure that satisfactory decontamination procedures have been affected (4-Stage Clearance)
  • Airborne asbestos fibres are counted using phase contrast optical microscopy based on the World Health Organisation counting rules.

NATA accredited laboratory is used for asbestos fibre counting procedures

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