Asbestos Audits – an inspection process for the provision of Asbestos Registers & Management Plans

caution-asbestos-containing-materialOrganisations in Australia must comply with stringent new safety regulations where asbestos Containing Material (ACM) is present in buildings. New asbestos risk management requirements in Australia place more important legal obligations on any business that owns buildings or sites with Asbestos Containing Material.

Are You Affected?

You must comply with the legislation: Owners of buildings and all employees (PCBU) have a duty of care to:

  • Investigate their premises for the presence of ACM
  • Develop a register of identified or presumed ACM
  • Develop an Asbestos Management Plan
  • Remove or minimize the risk of ACM
  • Implement Control Measures.
  • Advise all staff and Stakeholders
  • Provide training

What must you do?

If asbestos is identified (by a compliant/licenced Assessor) in your building or workplace the owner of the building (or owners representative) is required to document and implement an asbestos management plan in accordance with the WorkSafe legislation and o relevant State laws.

This plan is to include items such as:

  • A register of asbestos-containing materials at the workplace.
  • Details of maintenance and service work undertaken on asbestos-containing materials.

Mechanisms for communicating the location and type of asbestos-containing materials to employees and others who may come into contact with asbestos-containing materials.

  • Any decisions regarding the abatement actions taken.
  • An action plan (including time frames) for the abatement works.
  • Airborne monitoring arrangements.
  • Responsibilities and accountability of key staff in the implementation of the plan.
  • Procedure for reviewing and updating the plan.
  • Safe work method statements/risk assessments.
  • All asbestos-containing materials left in-situ should be clearly labelled to prevent inadvertent exposure to persons not familiar with the materials.

Asbestos Solutions

GAA has developed an inspection system second to none using their proprietary software system that allows instant real-time reporting, integrated images, Advanced search capabilities, Automated email notifications, ICloud back up, and sample logging/Chain of Custody.

What an asbestos report does – Identifies asbestos in the workplace, establish a register, undertaking of risk assessment, put in place control measures, make Recommendations and Legal requirements.

The end product is a user-friendly report we believe we have the best reporting system available today.

Some key elements are:

  1. Our Asbestos Register has integrated photographs in the report (not added at the end) so as to easily identify the Asbestos Containing Material – area; location and any damage.
  2. Our Asbestos Survey report identifies Room by Room every area inspected and includes integrated photos to support this. This not only offers quality assurance to our client it also will eliminate doubt of what has been inspected and what not (if any); of visiting contractors and save money and time at the re-audit phase.


Guarantee our service – We provide excellent service to our customers, we have proven ourselves over the years to our clients to be reliable, efficient and understanding of the workplace constraints that can affect the sensitive issues of asbestos risk management. We assure you of the best service possible.

Guarantee our reporting – Our reporting system delivers results second to none. In our many years of experience and re-auditing other company’s reports, we have not yet seen a report package that comes close to ours.

Guarantee our inspection – Our asbestos auditors are qualified licensed Building Inspectors, Naval inspectors and Hygienists with years of experience in material identification. All inspections are carried out to Australian Standards AS4943.0 and Maritime Industry National Standards Regulations 2003

Guarantee our sample analysis – All material sampling is tested by a NATA accredited laboratory (Accredited for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025).


Our systems meet the strictest quality assurance program and Australian Standards, our streamline process allows GAA to offer very competitive pricing.

GAA appreciates the opportunity to provide the risk management solutions to meet your needs. We look forward to a strong working relationship.

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