Asbestos Materials

All commercial buildings and workplaces must maintain an ‘Asbestos Register’.

What is an Asbestos Register?


Your risk of exposure can be prevented only if people know where the asbestos is in the building. The intent of an asbestos register is to inspect the building/property to determine the type, location and condition of the asbestos material and to compile these findings. This is done by surveying materials used in the construction of the building and plant, including checking for what is held on the property as debris, redundant stock and equipment. Recommendations are made on the basis of the inspection findings to ensure health and safety risks associated with asbestos are minimised. Recommendations are recorded within the Asbestos Register with a convenient location (mud map) drawing, in association with the location schedule. The asbestos register must be held on site and made available to all persons using, frequenting, occupying, working on or around the building.

Global Asbestos Audits (GAA) is Australia’s premier Asbestos Auditing specialist. We are a company dedicated to offering Asbestos Audits; Registers; Management Plans; Indoor Air Quality; Re-Occupation Certificates; Staff training and provide the complete “Asbestos Solutions”.

At GAA we have been making sure our clients all over Australia are complying with the changing workplace legislation – Safe Work Australia 2011 and the NOHSC: 2018(2005) and Victorian Regulation 2007. Our reporting services have been acknowledged and requested by Government bodies including Department of Health and Department of Environment and Conservation.

Reporting System

Our inspection reporting maybe different to other companies mainly in the formatting of our reports. We believe our reports to be second to none.

Report Brief.

Inspection Survey: – The Survey Report (Appendix 4) documents all the areas inspected – Room x Room and all materials tested – Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) or No Asbestos Detected (NAD), areas of ACM are transferred to the Register (Appendix 1)

All areas and suspect materials are recorded and identified by 1 to 3 photos in this survey report.

The Asbestos Survey report is a part of GAA’s rigorous quality assurance program, clearly identifying every area inspected and provides precise and easy to read reporting to our clients. This report also reassures longevity for the report as it provides validity to the survey if ever scrutinized. See Example. 

Asbestos Register: – The inspection information will be transferred from the Survey Report to make the Asbestos Register (Appendix 1), including the type of (ACM); Condition; Friability; Activity; Sealed; Likelihood of Damage; Exposure Risk and Labelling. The Risk Control measures and Risk Assessment (AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009) will be recorded along with Recommendations, Legislative Requirements, colour coded priority warnings and Action Plan summary.

The report will include 3 to 5 photos identifying the area, location and any damage or high-risk situations, these will also be identified in the Executive Summary and the colour coded quick guide assessment summary. Note: the photos are included within the body of the report not merely attached; the pages are colour coded to give a quick reference to priorities. See example.

Management Plan

Under the relevant Occupational Health & Safety Act including the new WHS Regulation 2011; workplaces are required to have an Asbestos Management Plan in place, not just an Asbestos Audit/Register.

Our  Management Plan is site specific to the conditions surveyed in the register and include some of the below documents. Global Asbestos Audit provides the complete “Asbestos Solution” as required by the above mentioned code and regulation;

  • The Asbestos Audit.
  • The Asbestos Register
  • Your Asbestos Management Policy & Facility Management Schedule
  • Your Staff/Tenant Handbook
  • The Staff/Tenant Induction Sheet
  • The Asbestos Controllers Guide
  • Work request & work completion Forms
  • Draft Company Statement
  • Draft Work Method Statement
  • Action Plan

It will also include extra appendixes which I believe will be useful in a facility management role for an organization such as yours.

  • Facility Work Schedule Plan (FMS) –
  • Facility Maintenance Schedule (FMS)–

The FMS summarizes all the locations of ACM across all sites, giving a quick guide to the condition of the ACM and what work (if any) is required. The FMS Appendix will also give the type of technician required to carry out the remedial works to ACM, this saves facility managers time reading through lengthy reports to find the crucial information they need.

Over the years our team has gained invaluable experience in carrying out large volume site inspections. We are only too aware of the sensitive issues when dealing with property occupants and making sure the communication and logistic procedures are carried out efficiently. Some of our procedures that maybe of interest are:

  • Online tracking system
  • Instant reporting system
  • e – manager of reports
  • Online Training and site Induction for staff, visitors and contractors
  • NATA laboratory testing
  • One contact project manager
  • Insured by Lloyds of London


We have been responsible for providing Asbestos Solutions to Federal, State and Local Government bodies as well as Australia’s leading mining and commercial landlords, Corporations, Maritime Industry and Unions.

GAA has recently completed the following major works;

  • Local Government (including City Council’s) & State Government (including WorkSafe offices & Main Roads project) – 1300 properties

  • Federal Government– Airport Facilities Australia wide (Airservices Australia), Aboriginal Hostels, Defence Dept.

  • Government appointed managers of Contaminated sites within the area of the highest recorded Asbestos related deaths in the WORLD

  • Maritime Audits – WA, SA, QLD, NSW, Singapore, Dubai

  • Overseas Holdings – Singapore, Dubai & New Zealand

  • QR National Rail State networks

  • Commercial Real Estate companies – Various Properties including major shopping Centre’s

  • National Food chain outlets – including Hungry Jacks, Lion Nathan, Simplot Australia

  • Retail Groups – including the largest retail chain in Australia

  • Mining Projects – Woodside Energy, BHP Billiton, Incitec Pivot, Rio Tinto

  • RSL, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Camp Quality, Telstra Buildings regional & Head offices

  • Private and State schools, Public and Private Hospitals

  • Rural holdings Australia wide (including largest beef producer in the World)

  • Murdoch University, Swinburne University, Central Universities Queensland

  • Archdiocese properties for the Catholic Church including The Australian Catholic University.

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