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Is It Asbestos? Find Out With Our Asbestos Testing Service

Need to get a material tested for the presence of asbestos? Look no further. You’ve found, operated by Global Asbestos Audits – a firm of asbestos surveyors and chartered building surveyors and as such, are 100% impartial and independent.

For just $65 including GST, you can get your samples tested by a dedicated NATA approved asbestos testing laboratory.

The process is simple. It is recommended a competent person take the sample. In the case of friable material (easily broken with fingers) a professional should be consulted – you should contact Global Asbestos Audits for further advice.

Bonded material

  1. Use proper protective equipment – rubber gloves and a P2 mask
  2. Dampen the sample before disturbing it
  3. Your sample should be no more than the size of a 20 cent piece
  4. It should be double-bagged in sealable polythene bags – sandwich bags are perfect
  5. Your sample should be clearly labelled with your name & address and location of the sampled area – example: bathroom wall
  6.  Seal the exposed edges of the area where the sample was removed from with a type of PVA glue
  7. The envelope you send your sample in should be marked “Laboratory Sample” Payment must be included

Cheques payable to GLES, direct deposit of over the phone by credit card or pre-pay online by clicking on the “pay now” button below or contact the office for direct deposit or pay over the phone arrangements.

Testing usually takes just a couple days, but depending on capacity, it can take up to a week from the date we receive your sample before the result is known.

If FAST TURNAROUND is required a same day or 24-hour result is available, this should be arranged directly with our head office by phoning 1800 635 977,  an extra fee for this service would usually apply.

Result certificates are usually sent by email, but we can mail them if preferred (just let us have your address), or we can phone and let you have the result too.

To pay online, please use the “Buy Now” button below. This will take you to our payment processor, PayPal.

No account is necessary; PayPal accepts all major credit and debit cards. It’s completely secure too.

If you are paying online, please enclose the PayPal receipt with your sample(s) to enable faster processing.

If you are sending more than one sample for testing, you can simply enter the number of samples into the shopping cart and the price will be updated automatically.

Important: Please ensure that the correct postage is paid when posting samples, otherwise your package might not be delivered.

Questions? Call us on 1800 635 977 and we’ll do our best to help.


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