Clearance Certificates

If you are removing MORE than 10msq of Bonded (Non-friable) Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) or any amount of Friable asbestos, you MUST complete an Asbestos Removal Control Plan & A Work Method Statement.

As part of the Risk Assessment by the removalist, they must refer to the Asbestos Register for the clear identification and type of asbestos.

If air monitoring is required you should consult with GAA before starting any works so an Air monitoring program can be developed.

Once the ACM has been removed, you MUST obtain an Independent Asbestos Clearance Inspection & Certificate before reoccupation of the site. The asbestos removalist cannot allow any other personnel into the work area without a Clearance.

Without a Clearance Certificate (compliant) the Asbestos Register and Management plan cannot be updated accordingly to reflect the removal work, without a Clearance this will cause complications and extra expense down the track.

Global Asbestos Audits (GAA) has recognised the need for builders, developers and owner builders to ensure that they are meeting the standards set by the Work Health & Safety Regulations 2011 and Code Of Practice how to safely remove asbestos 2011.

To Ensure that you DO COMPLY, GAA has created this ONLINE service for you.

Once you have completed this report and the removal of ACM material, call GAA and arrange for one of our inspectors to attend your site for the Asbestos Clearance Inspection. Once this is completed, you will receive your Asbestos Clearance Certificate.

If on-site testing is required GAA can supply a NATA accredited laboratory to provide instant results for fast turn around for completed works or ongoing removal stages.

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