Facility Management Schedule


Asbestos Solution

Global Asbestos Audit has developed an exclusive system for providing the total Asbestos Solution for their clients. The Asbestos Audit “Solution” has evolved to satisfy ALL the required compliance needs of the Safe Work Australia Code of Practice 2011 and the National Code for the Management of Asbestos in Workplaces, (including Maritime Industry) and ALL State and Territory regulations. Global Asbestos Audit provides a National and overseas service standard second to none.


Global Asbestos Audit provides the complete “Asbestos Solution” as required by the above-mentioned codes and regulations;

  • The Asbestos Audit & Asbestos Register
  • Your Asbestos Management Policy & Facility Management Schedule – Site-specific
  • Your Staff/Tenant Handbook
  • The Staff/Tenant Induction Sheet
  • The Asbestos Controllers Guide
  • Work request & work completion Forms
  • Action Plan
  • Draft Company Statement
  • Draft Work Method Statement

Global Asbestos Audit has developed an inspection system second to none using their proprietary software system that allows instant real-time reporting, integrated images, Advanced search capabilities, Automated email notifications, ICloud back up, and sample logging/Chain of Custody.

What an asbestos report does – Identifies asbestos in the workplace, establish a register, undertaking of risk assessment, put in place control measures, make Recommendations and Legal requirements.

The end product is a user-friendly report we believe we have the best reporting system available today.

Some key elements are:

  1. Our Asbestos Register has integrated photographs in the report (not added at the end) to quickly identify the Asbestos Containing Material – area; location and any damage.
  2. Our Asbestos Survey report identifies Room by Room every area inspected and includes integrated photos to support this. This not only offers quality assurance to our client, but it also will eliminate doubt of what has been inspected, and what not (if any); of visiting contractors and save money and time at the re-audit phase.