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Asbestos  “Limpet” Sprayed Coating

This is a loosely bonded, highly fibrous coating. Usually only one type

of asbestos fibre is present in this material with an asbestos content of

at least 50%. This form of coating is normally encapsulated by some

form of surface seal. If the surface seal is defective, ‘Limpet’ coating is

potentially very friable and can suffer from unexpected collapse.

Asbestos thermal insulation (plastic magnesia type)

This is a loosely bonded fibrous composition, with binder and filler

powders, that is mixed on site and applied by hand. The asbestos

content is often highly variable, but some 15% to 40% of asbestos is

commonly present. A mixture of one or more types of asbestos fibre

may be present in the material. Some form of painted surface seal

normally encapsulates this form of insulation. If the surface seal is

defective this form of insulation is very friable.

Asbestos thermal insulation  (corrugated paper type)

This is a factory made sectional product formed of corrugated asbestos

paper. The asbestos paper contains up to 100% of white asbestos

(Chrysotile), but the material is not liable to be friable under normal

handling circumstances.

Asbestos Insulating Board

Asbestos insulating board (“Asbestolux” type) is a relatively soft off-white board,

which is deceptively friable. The total asbestos content of insulating board is

normally between 16 – 40%. The most common form of asbestos insulating

board contains brown asbestos (Amosite) alone, or with a few percent of white

asbestos (Chrysotile)

Asbestos Cement

Asbestos cement products normally contain about 10-15% of asbestos, in a hard

durable, non-friable cement matrix.  The most common form of asbestos cement

contains white asbestos alone.

Asbestos Flash Strips (Fused Switchgear/Fuse boxes)

In many locations asbestos flash strips are to be found within fused switchgear/

fuse boards behind ceramic fuses.  The flash strips are formed from a raw, friable

asbestos blanket material which, protects the ceramic from damage when the

fuse wire melts.  Such fused switchgear/fuse boxes are classed as asbestos

contaminated and must have ‘asbestos warning’ signs applied.

Thermoplastic Floor Tiles

Typically used throughout many variations of building as decorative

flooring. The asbestos is of a very low content within this type and is

used as a bonding material.

Textured Coating

Similar to thermaplastic floor tiles in its asbestos content and

decorative use. Used in many buildings as a decorative finish. Again, a

low content of asbestos used as a bonding material.