Occupational and Industrial Hygiene Services

Occupational hygiene is an exciting and dynamic speciality in the safety spectrum. Occupational hygiene is the process of anticipation, recognition, evaluation, communication and control of environmental stressors in the workplace that can affect the health and well-being of the workforce. Occupational hygienists assist to identify the risk level of occupational exposures to stressors (hazards) and assist in the control of this exposure before disease or harm manifests.

Health hazard identification is the first step to developing an occupational hygiene program. This process will develop a list of the stressors that the workforce are potentially exposed to. These will be under the categories of Biological (legionella, Mould etc), Chemical (Lead, Cyanide etc), Physical (Vibration, Heat, Noise), Ergonomic and Psychosocial. This will often consist of a walk-through survey to identify the issues and list detail of the potential for harm. The health hazard identification needs to be conducted in the workplace with input from the operational staff.

Assessments involve Qualitative risk assessment that is performed to identify the potential exposures that require monitoring. This is a risk management process to establish the priority exposures for further review and uses the judgment of the hygienist, engineers, managers and operators. Following the Qualitative risk assessment, Quantitative risk assessment (i.e. the process of obtaining data to determine what the actual exposure is in the workplace through scientific data) is conducted to accurately assess the levels of workplace exposures. Global Asbestos Audit specialises in the field of Occupational & Industrial Hygiene and provides a comprehensive scope of services to a wide range of clients both nationally and internationally. Our dedicated and highly skilled team of consultants offer a turnkey solution to any problem, and provide the following range of services:

  • Assessment of Workplace Hazards & Contaminants
  • Development of Occupational Monitoring Programs
  • Workplace & Industrial Exposure Assessment
  • Solvent Vapour Monitoring (i.e. Welding Fumes, Gases, VOC’s etc)
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment (i.e. Dust, Particulates, Gases, Temperature, Light, etc)
  • Biological Monitoring of Bacteria, Fungi, Mould, and Pathogens
  • Assessment & Implementation of Workplace Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • NATA Accredited Assessment & Analysis of Respirable & Inhalable Quartz/Silica
  • Risk Assessment, Communication & Management