Rural Properties

rural-properties-asbestosGlobal Asbestos Audit is able to provide dedicated survey teams to complete large, multi-building audits at remote locations.

Global Asbestos Audit uses a proprietary software system that allows for on-site recording of data, ensuring fast efficient report times.

The provision of a detailed Management Policy, Staff Handbook, Asbestos Register and Asbestos Controllers Guide will ensure that Property Management far exceeds the requirements for their OH&S and avoid any potential future litigation.

We have been responsible for providing Asbestos Solutions to Federal, State and Local Government bodies as well as Australia’s leading mining and commercial landlords, Corporations, Maritime Industry and Unions.

Global Asbestos Audit has recently completed the following major works;

  • Local Government (including City Council’s) & State Government (including WorkSafe offices & Main Roads project) – 1300 properties
  • Federal Government– Airport Facilities Australia wide (Airservices Australia), Aboriginal Hostels, Defence Dept.
  • Government appointed managers of Contaminated sites within the area of the highest recorded Asbestos related deaths in the WORLD
  • Maritime Audits – WA, SA, QLD, NSW, Singapore, Dubai
  • Overseas Holdings – Singapore, Dubai & New Zealand
  • QR National Rail State networks
  • Commercial Real Estate companies – Various Properties including major shopping Centre’s
  • National Food chain outlets – including Hungry Jacks, Lion Nathan, Simplot Australia
  • Retail Groups – including the largest retail chain in Australia
  • Mining Projects – Woodside Energy, BHP Billiton, Incitec Pivot, Rio Tinto
  • RSL, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Camp Quality, Telstra Buildings regional & Head offices
  • Private and State schools, Public and Private Hospitals
  • Murdoch University, Swinburne University, Central Queensland Universities
  • Archdiocese properties for the Catholic Church including The Australian Catholic University.
  • Rural holdings Australia wide (including largest beef producer in the World)

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