Student Handbook & Induction

A major requirement of the introduction of an Asbestos register and your Asbestos Management Policy is that your staff are informed that Asbestos is present and that you have a policy and procedure in place to handle this.

The purpose of induction is to introduce the asbestos register and its content to all the people in the organisation who may be directly or indirectly responsible for maintaining and using the register on a daily basis.

Global Asbestos Audit provides the complete “Asbestos Solution” as required by the above-mentioned codes and regulations;

  • The Asbestos Audit & Asbestos Register
  • Your Asbestos Management Policy & Facility Management Schedule – Site-specific
  • Your Staff/Tenant Handbook
  • The Staff/Tenant Induction Sheet
  • The Asbestos Controllers Guide
  • Work request & work completion Forms
  • Action Plan
  • Draft Company Statement
  • Draft Work Method Statement