Why Test For Asbestos?

Until asbestos was banned in Australia in 2003, some construction materials still contained asbestos and this is more common in pre 1990. Even though it has not been possible to buy asbestos since this time, many of the original materials remain in place in domestic and commercial buildings today.

Typical examples are asbestos cement roofs, insulation materials, partition boards, floor tiles, ceiling tiles and many others.

Although most such materials are probably quite safe, the major utility firms (gas, electricity, water & telephone companies) won’t work on any material that they believe might be asbestos. It is a legal requirement that commercial premises have on site a Register and Management Plan for asbestos containing materials and every one at that site or visiting should be made aware of the register findings.

Also, given the age of the materials, it’s likely that during a refurbishment or demolition of a building, that these materials will need to be disposed of – and waste companies won’t allow asbestos containing materials to be disposed of in normal skips, since asbestos is considered to be contaminated waste.

For this reason, it is often wise to get suspect materials tested, if only to rule out the presence of asbestos to avoid difficulties later.

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